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TRC's Corporate Heritage

The Terrorism Research Center, Inc. (TRC), a Virginia company was originally founded as an independent institute dedicated to the research of terrorism and political instability, critical infrastructure protection, and homeland security issues.  

The Terrorism Research Center brings its global network of subject matter experts  to assist clients with training, research, analysis, and consulting.  TRC's Training and Special Projects Office has conducted research for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, provided support for numerous national exercises, speakers for law enforcement, military and intelligence organizations, Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, Universities and civic groups. As part of our public awareness campaign the TRC has conducted numerous TRC Forums, providing speakers to provide awareness and insight on numerous topics. In 2012, the TRC began publishing its "Global Threat Review" a review of both domestic and international threat issues.

The Terrorism Research Center Inc. has a large amount of primary source materials and one of the largest databases dealing with suicide bombings worldwide. The TRC has sent researchers globally to learn first hand and interview individuals, witnesses and victims of terrorism and political violence. Much of that first hand information is used in a number of special training programs designed for law enforcement, military and the intelligence community.

TRC has conducted field research and interviews to support numerous TRC research projects to include:

"Understanding the Haqqani Network: How the Haqqani’s View the Region"

"From Munich to Manhattan and Beyond: Lessons Learned From Thirty Years of Terrorism"

"The Evolution and Future of ISIS"

"A Worldwide Study of Suicide Bombers and Attacks"

"The Kidnapping and Hostage  Project" 

"Opening Pandora’s Box: ISIS Kidnappings and Beheadings"

"The Homegrown Terrorist Threat"

The first Mirror Image: Training to Combat Terrorism  program was conducted over fifteen years ago in North Carolina. Over the years TRC has conducted Mirror Image training at numerous locations to include Ft. Huachuca, Ft. Irwin, Camp Rilea, Camp Pendleton, Camp Billy Machen, Camp Michael Monsoor, Camp Blanding, Camp Fogarty, F.E. Warren AFB, Canada, Djibouti and other locations. 

TRC is pleased to be returning to North Carolina utilizing an exclusive training site with the largest shoot house in the United States, excellent ranges and numerous sites for our exercises and drone/counter-drone operations.


Cutting Edge Training

The TRC has trained thousands of law enforcement, military, intelligence, corporate executives, and first responders on topics related to terrorism and homeland security issues. The TRC has a wealth of instructors who bring real world experience to cutting edge training modules designed to solve your challenges. Each course is customized to the specific needs and requirements of our customers. What sets our training apart is a keen understanding of the issues, the unique research conducted in the field, as well as our experiences in numerous countries.

Some of our unique training programs include:        

Mirror Image: From the Edge of Raqqa

            Mirror Image: Training to Combat Terrorism    

Mirror Image: Across the Sahel                

Persian Mirror Image                 

               Suicide Bombings and Attacks      

Protocol for Law Enforcement Dealing With a Suicide Bomber   

    Terrorism and Aviation 

 Terrorism Update

   Homegrown and Lone Wolf Terrorists 

Casing, Surveillance and Targeting: Through the Eyes of a Terrorist 

From Munich to Mumbai to Paris: Lessons Learned From Over 30 Years of Terrorism  

     Radicalization, A Global Dilemma-A Local Challenge   

             Protecting Critical Infrastructure                     

Threat and Vulnerability Assessment Training 

Terrorism 360: Hidden in Plain Sight 

     Decision Making for Law Enforcement 

Proactive Officer Safety Training and numerous other customized courses.

Mirror Image Training to Combat Terrorism 2017

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Learn to defeat the enemy by walking in his shoes, understanding the ideology and the operational methodology of a terrorist cell. To request more information contact us below or call (703) 801-2297.


TRC's Total Immersion Training Mirror Image

Sun Tzu wrote "know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never know peril."

Mirror Image was designed by us to provide a unique understanding into the mindset and operational methodology of a terrorist cell or network. Mirror Image: Training to Combat Terrorism is an intensive field/classroom training program that replicates a terrorist training camp. First conducted in 2002, our team has conducted this one-of-a-kind program at Ft. Huachuca,  Ft. Irwin, Camp Pendleton, Camp Blanding, Moyock, Camp Rilea, Camp Forgarty, Camp Billy Machen, Camp Morena, Camp Guernsey, Camp Beauregard, and other locations CONUS/OCONUS. Imagine what one can learn by stepping into the shoes of a terrorist? For more information regarding our customized Mirror Image training programs  or to bring our Mobile Training Team to your organization contact us.

Mirror Image: From the Edge of Raqqa Participant's Comments

 "Best counterterrorism class I have ever attended in my military career. All of the speakers were clearly subject matter experts with years of real world experiences dealing with terrorists globally. The Arab food and cultural lessons cemented the foundation material."

"I just attended a 5-day course by the Terrorism Research Center. I strongly recommend this course for those charged with preventing or responding to acts of terror, be it homeland security, law enforcement, or military personnel. Knowing your enemy is the first step to defeating them."

"I've taken classes on the subject matter throughout my law enforcement and academic career and have to say this was by far the best training I have attended."

"The instructors were truly cutting edge. Their experience brings a level of credibility about the enemy that is invaluable. Their ability to provoke thought about the enemy was priceless!"

Extremely relevant, this course should be mandatory for all  in the CT field."

TRC's Mobile Training Team can deliver this and our other training at your facility to save travel. 

Learn from our subject matter experts.

Our Mirror Image training is RESTRICTED TO MILITARY, LAW ENFORCEMENT, INTELLIGENCE AND APPROVED SECURITY PROFESSIONALS. This is a Total Immersion Course with long days and hardships. A read-ahead packet and packing list will be provided after registration.


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